Number 5
Number 5


Introduction O. O. Klyuchnykov p.7

Current state of "Ukryttya" object

O. O. Klyuchnykov, V.O.Krasnov, V. M. Rudko, V. M. Shcherbin p.6 Summary Full text

Conceptual bases of organization of engineering-geodetic works during construction and use of new safe confinement of ChNPP "Ukryttya" object P. I. Baran, V. G. Sushko, V. Y. Chernokon p.66 Summary Full text

Estimations of primary release from the emergency Chernobyl NPP Unit using atmospheric transport modelling (review) N. N. Talerko, Е. К. Garger p.80 Summary Full text

Radioactive chernobyl aerosols in Canada B. I. Ogorodnikov p.91 Summary Full text

Estimation of inhalation dose assessment occurred due to radioactive aerosol inside and close to cracks of Ukryttya E. K. Garger, V. A. Kashpur, A. A. Klyuchnikov, J. Tschiersch, P. Roth p.99 Summary Full text

Radioactive aerosol concentration and dimension's distribution in some "Ukryttya" object subreactor premises V. P. Badovsky, E. M. Kozhukhov, T. A. Kravchuk, O. E. Melenevskiy p.109 Summary Full text

Development of methods for improvement of radiation safety during realization of practical activity at the object "Ukryttya" V. G. Batiy p.119 Summary Full text

Problems of liquid radwaste treatment in extraordinary situations O. B. Andronov, O. O. Klyuchnikov, O. L. Strikhar, V. M. Shcherbin p.129 Summary Full text

Ukryttya object's neutron monitoring efficiency and nuclear safety J. D. Visotsky, A. A. Kluchnikov, V. A. Krasnov p.138 Summary Full text

FSM monitoring systems in "Ukryttia" object A. A. Kuchmagra p.150 Summary Full text

The study of global fallout connected with atomic explosions M. D. Bondarkov, M. V. Zheltonozhskaya p.157 Summary Full text

Radioecological situation on agricultural territories of the Ukrainian Polissya for the period 1998 - 2004 T. D. Lev, O. G. Tishсhenko, V. N. Pіskun, L. V. Tesljuk p.161 Summary Full text

Substantiation and parameterisation of the model describing 137Cs behaviour in a "soil - plant" system B. S. Prister, V. D. Vynogradskaja, L. V. Perepelyatnikova p.170 Summary Full text

Abstracts p.179