Number 3(part 2)
Number 3(part 2)


The digest includes the articles with materials of the oral presentations done on kiev part of international science-practical conference "Paradigms of modern radio-biology. Radiation protection of personnel of objects of atomic energetics", which engulf the wide circle of radio-biology problems. The basic paradigms of modern radio-biology and their assistance to subsequent development of experimental science are considered, that has the concrete display in the decision of actual tasks of protection of people from action of ionizing radiation.

Introduction D. M. Grodzinsky p.7

Paradigms of modern radio-biology D. M. Grodzinsky p.9 Summary Full text

Radiation hormesis - retrospectivity and modernity D. M. Grodzinsky, Y. V. Shilina, O. N. Мikhyeyev, M. I. Guscha p.17 Summary Full text

Mechanisms of biological enhancement at plant and microorganisms in normality and pathology O. N. Мikhyeyev, Y. V. Shilina, M. I. Guscha p.29 Summary Full text

Classification of radiobiological adaptations А. N. Mikhyeyev p.36 Summary Full text

Target and non-target radiobiological reactions - its threshold and non-threshold effects N. M. Rashydov, N. K. Kutsokon p.42 Summary Full text

The dynamics of transmembrane redox equivalents fluxas a biodosimetric characteristic of an irradiated body G. A. Dolynskyy p.50 Summary Full text

Comparative analysis of cytogenetic manifestations of human genome instability K. S. Aphanasieva, S. R. Rushkovsky, V. F. Bezrukov p.56 Summary Full text

The radiat ion-epydemiological and cytogenetic study in group of participants of planned working on liquidation consequenses chernobyls accident E. A. Djomina p.60 Summary Full text

Detection of late genetic instability during follow-up Investigation of cytogenetic effects in liquidators Of chernobyl accident aftermath N. A. Maznyk, V. A. Vinnikov p.65 Summary Full text

The estimation of micronuclei frequencies of children from a regions with different level of environmental contamination M. V. Sobol, E. S. Afanasieva, V. F. Bezrukov p.75 Summary Full text

The radiosensitivity of chromosomes of lymphocytes of peripheral humans blood and mitosis cycle E. A. Djomina p.80 Summary Full text

6 Genotoxic effects in hydrobionts populations from the areas with elevated natural radiation background V. G. Tsytsugina, H. Florou, G. G. Polikarpov p.87 Summary Full text

Cytogenetic parameters of birds' genome instability in ecological and genetical monitoring М. O. Kursa, K. S. Aphanasieva, S. R. Rushkovsky, R. А. Barchuk, I. N. Varenyuk, O. V. Blyuma, V. F. Bezrukov p.92 Summary Full text

Hydrobionts of the chernobyl npp exclusion zone: dose rates and cytogenetic effects D. I. Gudkov, A. B. Nazarov, M. G. Mardarevich, O. V. Syvak p.97 Summary Full text

Chromosome instability of plants in genetic monitoring L. M. Lazarenko, V. F. Bezrukov p.101 Summary Full text

Results of researches of reticular cells of peripheral organs immune system reaction in a postnatal ontogenesis after action of gamma-radiation small doses A. P. Motulyak, L. I. Hananaev, V. A. Levycky, N. M. Tolokonnikova, T. G. Tarnavska p.106 Summary Full text

The oxidative mechanism effect of low-level ionizing radiation оn the higher nervous activity rats investigation E. V. Tukalenko p.110 Summary Full text

Monitoring of wild rodents population inhabiting areas with increased radiation background A. G. Kudyasheva, O. G. Shevchenko, L. A. Bashlykova, N. G. Zagorskaya p.119 Summary Full text

Doze's "nowelity" of ionizing irradiation as factor of microevolution changes V. I. Glazko p.126 Summary Full text

Ionizing irradiation: inductor of modificator of mutation spectra? T. T. Glazko p.134 Summary Full text

The late effects of combined actions on cell recovery processes G. P. Zhurakovskaya, I. P. Dergacheva, M. D. Tkhabisimova p.138 Summary Full text

The study of influence value of absorbed dose of radiation on probability of development of malignant tumors E. A. Djomina, Ju.I. Petunin, D. A. Klushin, M. Ju. Savkina p.142 Summary Full text

Low intensity radiation in diapazone of figh frequency as factor of the survival modification of differentiated plant cells N. V. Tordiya p.150 Summary Full text

The radiobiological grounded of the regime rotary of irradiation оf rapides neutrons E. A. Djomina p.154 Summary Full text

Experiment on population took place - let's not refuse its results I. M. Ljutyi p.158 Summary Full text

Radiobiological effects of radionuclides, incorporated in plant and microorganism cells D. M. Grodzinsky, Y. V. Shilina, O. D. Kolomiets, M. I. Guscha, O. N. Мikhyeyev, Y. A. Kutlahmedov, N. M. Rashidov, O. A. Kravets, L. G. Ovsannikova p.166 Summary Full text

Abstracts p.179


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