Number 16
Number 16


This scientific digest of the Institute for safety problems of NPPs of Ukraine's NAS "Problems of nuclear plants' safety and of Chornobyl" presents the publications on the problems of nuclear power engineering , NPP safe operation, extension of NPP units operation life and NPP decommission , radioactive waste management, environmental impact of radioactively hazardous objects, radiobiology and radioecology, radiation material sciences, instrumentation and methods of experiments, problems of overcoming heavy technogenic accidents' consequences. The digest includes the articles covering the results of completed theoretical and experimental researches, which are of interest for the research engineers, post-graduate students, engineers as well as the higher school students. Articles are admitted for the publication in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

About nuclear waste transmutation in ADS driven by high-intensity neutron generator V. А. Babenko, V. I. Gulik, V. M. Pavlovych, А. P. Rybalova p.8 Summary Full text

Information-analytical and cartographical support for emergency response system of nuclear power plant T. D. Lev, О. G. Tischenko, V. М. Piskun p.17 Summary Full text

Perspective power unit of enhanceable reliability, safety and energy-ecological efficiency O. G. Kensitsky, O. O. Klyuchnykov, G. M. Fedorenko p.27 Summary Full text

Development and advance of methodological basis of the determination of remaining life of reinforced concrete construction of NPP T. I. Matchenko, H. T. Matchenko, L. B. Shamis, L. F. Pervushova p.37 Summary Full text

Priority researches' directions of thermal safety problems for nuclear power plants О. О. Klyuchnykov, I. G. Sharaevsky, N. M. Fialko, L. B. Zimin p.45 Summary Full text

Comments to the complex (summary) program for increasing safety of power units of Ukrainian NPPs A. A. Klyuchnykov, V. I. Skalozubov, A. V. Shavlakov p.49 Summary Full text

Priority analysis of NPP modernization and safety improve measures by risk-assessment methods Y. A. Komarov, V. I. Skalozubov p.53 Summary Full text

Analysis of current method of qualifications BRU-A in a two-phase flow Haj Farajallah Dabbaсh A., K. V. Skalozubov p.61 Summary Full text

Radioactive aerosols of object "Ukryttya's" 304/3 room and dust generating ability in it V. P. Badovsky, O. O. Klyuchnykov, A. E. Melenevsky, Yu. V. Morozov, I. O. Ushakov, V. M. Shcherbin p.67 Summary Full text

Reconstruction of 131I radioactive contamination dynamics in Belarus due to Chernobyl accident using atmospheric transport modelling M. M. Таlerko p.77 Summary Full text

25 year-evolution of "Shelter" object fuel-containing materials comprehension: LFCM formation scenarios and physical considerations O. V. Zhydkov p.86 Summary Full text

Temperature anomalies in zones of critical mass risk E. D. Vysotskiy, О. V. Mikhailov p.101 Summary Full text

Liquid radioactive waste on lower marks of object "Ukryttya" O. O. Odintsov, V. E. Khan, V. O. Krasnov, V. M. Shcherbin p.110 Summary Full text

Results of detailed modeling of influence pile foundations in hydrogeological conditions in the New Safety Confinment district construction M. I. Panasyuk, A. M. Alfyorov, M. B. Starikov, I. A. Litvin, E. P. Liushnya p.124 Summary Full text

Radon and its daughter products in "Ukryttya" object in 2003 - 2010 B. I. Ogorodnikov, V. E. Khan, E. M. Pazukhin, V. A. Krasnov p.130 Summary Full text

The dust storm in the Chernobyl exclusion zone B. I. Ogorodnikov p.137 Summary Full text

The kinetic model of 137Cs behavior in the system "soil - plant" accounting of agrochemical soil properties B. S. Prister, V. D. Vinogradskaja p.151 Summary Full text

State оf brain struktures induced by radiation of Chernobyl, caused the accident, and its role in the development of violations of hearing and voice functions T. А. Shydlovska p.162 Summary Full text

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Problems of nuclear power plants' safety and of chornobyl