Number 15
Number 15


This scientific digest of the Institute for safety problems of NPPs of Ukraine's NAS "Problems of nuclear plants' safety and of Chornobyl" presents the publications on the problems of nuclear power engineering , NPP safe operation, extension of NPP units operation life and NPP decommission , radioactive waste management, environmental impact of radioactively hazardous objects, radiobiology and radioecology, radiation material sciences, instrumentation and methods of experiments, problems of overcoming heavy technogenic accidents' consequences. The digest includes the articles covering the results of completed theoretical and experimental researches, which are of interest for the research engineers, post-graduate students, engineers as well as the higher school students/ Articles are admitted for the publication in Ukrainian, Russian and English.


Introduction O. O. Klyuchnykov p.5


Background of NPP safety parameters OF NPP V. I. Borysenko, O. O. Klyuchnykov, V. I. Pampuro p.6 Summary Full text

Analysis of VVER-1000 natural circulation regime for RELAP5 code validation standard problem V. I. Borysenko, A. G. Krushynsky, V. P. Mukoyd, Pavlin Groudev, Malinka Pavlova p.13 Summary Full text

Structural dynamics of fore-crisis area on a heat emission surface of a fuel element's I. G. Sharaevsky, N. M. Fialko, E. I. Sharaevskaya p.21 Summary Full text

Problems of calculation determination of heat transfer's crises in reactor channels I. G. Sharaevsky, N. M. Fialko, E. I. Sharaevskaya p.29 Summary Full text

Draft optimization program to schedule and manage repair campaigns for power units of Zaporizhzhya NPP and its prospects M. M. Podushka, A. M. Rystenkov, V. I. Skalozubov, J. L. Kovrizhkin p.35 Summary Full text

Analysis of current approaches development of guidelines аnd procedures on design accidents at nuclear power plants with WWER V. I. Skalozubov, Haj Farajallah Dabbach A., K. V. Skalozubov, G. S. Dragan p.42 Summary Full text

Qualification BRU-A at seismic influences of Zaporozhia AES К. S. Ageykina, G. G. Gablaya, G. S. Dragan, J. L. Kovrizhkin p.46 Summary Full text

Analysis of porv failure to close at Rivne-3 on 22.09.2009 О. О. Klyuchnykov, V. I. Skalozubov, Yu. О. Komarov, М. I. Kolisnichenko, P. І. Коvtаnyuк, Yu. О. Pavlov p.51 Summary Full text

Estimation procedure of the residual service life of the steel trusses in the machine rooms of NPP T. I. Matchenko, L. B. Shamis, H. T. Matchenko, L. F. Per-vushova p.60 Summary Full text

Estimation procedure of the deformative resource of the welded joints in constructional steel T. I. Matchenko, L. B. Shamis, Р. T. Matchenko, L. F. Per-vushova p.66 Summary Full text

Estimation procedure of the resource condensationsand hermetics building constractions T. I. Matchenko, L. B. Shamis, Р. T. Matchenko, L. F. Per-vushova p.72 Summary Full text


The study of solubility of object "Ukryttya" aerosols in liquids of different chemical composition О. О. Odintsov, B. I. Ogorodnikov p.85 Summary Full text

Control of factors of radiation danger of apartment 001/3 object "Ukryttya" A. A. Odintsov, V. E. Khan, B. I. Ogorodnikov p.96 Summary Full text

The choice of nuclides for burnup accounting аt the spent fuel RBPB-1000 О. A. Kuchmagra, O. S. Molchanov, G. I. Odinokin p.103 Summary Full text

Collimated gamma- spectrometer based on CdZnTe-detector V. G. Batyi, I. M. Kopanets, M. O. Kochnev, O. A. Pravdyvyi, O. G. Savchuk, V. V. Selukova, D. V. Fedorchenko, M. A. Khazhmuradov p.110 Summary Full text

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Problems of nuclear power plants' safety and of chornobyl