Number 13
Number 13


This scientific digest of the Institute for safety problems of NPPs of Ukraine's NAS "Problems of nuclear plants' safety and of Chornobyl" presents the publications on the problems of nuclear power engi-neering , NPP safe operation, extension of NPP units operation life and NPP decommission , radioactive waste management, environmental impact of radioactively hazardous objects, radiobiology and radioecology, radiation material sciences, instrumentation and methods of experiments, problems of overcoming heavy technogenic accidents' consequences. The digest includes the articles covering the results of completed theoretical and experimental re-searches, which are of interest for the research engineers, post-graduate students, engineers as well as the higher school students/ Articles are admitted for the publication in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Introduction O. O. Klyuchnykov p.7


That is it necessary: to determine period or reactivity of reactor? V. I. Borysenko p.8 Summary Full text

Main approaches to management-standard accidents at NPP with VVER (Review) О. О. Klyuchnykov, J. L. Kovrizhkin, V. I. Skalozubov, О. V. Shavlakov p.19 Summary Full text

Modern methodology of management of NPP safety V. I. Pampuro, V. I. Borysenko p.27 Summary Full text

Probabilistic estimations how qualification of fast-acting reducing valves of VVER 1000/B-320 affects safety at biphasic modes and "severe" conditions Iu. О. Komarov, V. Yu. Kochnyeva, V. I. Skalozubov, О. V. Shavlakov, S. V. Shigin p.38 Summary Full text

Methodology of reliability centered maintenance realization to the NPP equipment Iu. О. Komarov p.48 Summary Full text

Identification of hazards and estimation of professional risks at NPP V. V. Tikhonenko p.60 Summary Full text

Problems of forecasting of the heat transfer crisis in annulad-disperse mode of the diphasic vapour-liquid flow I. G. Sharaevsky, N. M. Fialko, L. B. Zimin, N. O. Meranova p.69 Summary Full text

Analysis of storage conditions of the spent nuclear fuel on the dry storage platform S. V. Alyokhina, V. M. Goloschapov, A. O. Kostikov, S. P. Klimov, A. E. Luchna, V. A. Moroz p.76 Summary Full text

Information-measuring system of passive acoustic location of structural defects construction materials V. P. Babak p.84 Summary Full text

Modeling of steel ageing by determination of the resource of metal structures of NPP L. B. Shamis, T. I. Matchenko, L. F. Pervushova p.94 Summary Full text

The minimum detectable activity. Main concepts and determinations A. G. Isayev, V. V. Babenko, О. S. Kazimirov, S. М. Grishin, S. M. Ievlev p.103 Summary Full text


Control of releases of radioactive aerosols from object "Ukryttya" in 2009 V. E. Khan, B. I. Ogorodnikov, O. K. Kalinovskiy, V. O. Krasnov p.111 Summary Full text

Isotopes ratio investigation in soils sampled near "Ukryttya" object zone M. V. Zheltonozhska, M. V. Kulych, L. V. Sadovnykov, V. A. Kanchenko, E. M. Pazukhin, M. I. Panasiuk p.123 Summary Full text

Distributing of uranium in underground waters of industrial site of CHNPP M. I. Panasyuk p.128 Summary Full text

Determination of protective film samples characteristics of subroofing space of object is "Ukryttya" V. O. Krasnov, M. I. Pavlyuchenko, V. M. Shcherbin p.136 Summary Full text

Some problems in estimating Ukraine's NAS ISP NPP personnel's component of external exposure effective dose I. G. Lahutin, М. М. Liubinskiy, N. М. Yershova, V. T. Kotliarov p.142 Summary Full text

Increase of pressure drop of Petrjanov's filter materials аt atmospheric aerosol catchmant near Chor-nobyl NPP B. I. Ogorodnikov, V. P. Kovalchuk, V. E. Khan p.146 Summary Full text

Abstract preprints issued by the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine in 2009 p.154

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Problems of nuclear power plants' safety and of chornobyl