Number 8
Number 8



Radiation safety of population at large failures - is lessons of Chelyabinsk аnd Chоrnobyl B. S. Prister, R. M. Alexakhin p.8 Summary Full text

Advanced reactor control systems of NPPS with VVER D. V. Biley, N. I. Vlasenko, T. V.Gablaya, A. A. Kluchnikov, V. I. Skalozubov p.25 Summary Full text

The radiation control of the nuclear power unit оn the decommissioning stage V. І. Bogorad, V. М. Korotenko, А. V. Nosovskiy, А. J. Sleptchenko p.34 Summary Full text

Evolution of approaches to determination of heat-carrier boiling beginning on the heat allocation surface tvel N. M. Fialko, I. G. Sharaevskiy, L. B. Zimin, N. O. Meranova p.44 Summary Full text

New-generation fire-safety cables for nucler power plants A. D. Podoltsev, I. N. Kucheryavaya, V. P. Karpushenko p.51 Summary Full text

Failure at Zainsk thermal power station: lesson for thermal and nuclear power stations А. L. Derkach, А. А. Kluchnikov, G. M. Fedorenko , V. V. Kuzmin p.62 Summary Full text

Development of approach in support of optimal periodicity of eddy current inspection of heat-exchange pipes of steam generators of NPPS with VVER D. V. Biley, V. M. Pyshniy, V. I. Skalozubov, V. V. Urbanskiy p.70 Summary Full text


Fuel in premises 305/2 of Chornobyl NPP 4-th Unit. Critical mass zones. Revision of the scenario of formation lava-like fuel-containing materials E. D. Vysotsky, V. A. Krasnov, A. S. Lagunenko, E. M. Pazukhin p.77 Summary Full text

Some mechanisms of fuel-containing materials degradation I. Yu. Goliney, V. I. Sugakov p.86 Summary Full text

Modeling of damage processes for materials containing irradiated fuel T. M. Patsahan, M. Ф. Holovko, J. Stafiej, J.-P. Badiali, A. Taleb p.92 Summary Full text

Some phenomenological approaches to description of microcrack formation in lava-like fuel containing materials V. V. Ignatyuk, T. M. Verkholyak p.103 Summary Full text

The theoretical description of interaction processes of water and aqueous solutions with fuel containing materials I. R. Yukhnovskii, M. V. Tokarchuk, O. L. Ivankiv, P. A. Hlushak p.112 Summary Full text

Formation of polinuclear uranyl complexes in water solutions T. S. Mysakovych p.121 Summary Full text

An investigation of hydration and hydrolysis effects in uranyl аqueous solutions M. Yu. Druchok, M. F. Holovko, T. M. Bryk p.125 Summary Full text

Investigation of adsorption of strontium, cesium and uranyl on silicate and aluminosilicate surfaces I. V. Stasyuk, T. S. Mysakovych, R.. Ya. Stetsiv, V. O. Krasnov p.132 Summary Full text

Employing photoelectric charging of dust particles in disposal in "Ukryttya" object radioactive waste A. А. Duviryak, Yu. G. Yaremko p.139 Summary Full text

Determination of characteristics of surface contaminated objects in case of strong gamma background V. G. Batiy, A. I. Stojanov, A. A. Pravdivyy, I. M. Kopanetc, V. V. Selukova, O. G. Savchuk p.150 Summary Full text

Gas-fluoride processing of lavа-like silicate mass, which simulate silicate matrix of LFCM of 4-th block Chornobyl NPP V. L. Kapustin, V. V. Levenets, V. G. Martynenko, M. O. Semenov, M. O. Hovanskiy, V. I. Sheremet, B. M. Shirokov, A. A. Shchur p.154 Summary Full text

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