Number 9
Number 9




Basis of beyond design basis accidents control at NPP with VVER Yu. L. Kovrigkin, N. I. Vlasenko, S. L. Voloshina, A. A. Kljuchnikov, V. I. Skalozubov p.8 Summary Full text

Optimization methods of containment leakage test during repair campaign of reactor facility at NPP with VVER-1000 Yu. A. Komarov, s. I. Kosenko, v. I. Skalozubov, i. M. Foltov p.15 Summary Full text

Optimization of duration of critical ways of scheduled repairs of power units of the atomic power station with VVER J. L. Kovrizhkin p.23 Summary Full text

Neural network model of process of the gamma-radiation intensity angular distribution measuring V. G. Batiy, Ie. V. Batii p.28 Summary Full text

Estimation of maximally possible activity оf packages with high level waste V. G. Batiy, V. V. Yegorov, O. A. Kaftanatina, O. I. Stoyanov, Ye. V. Rudychev, V. V. Selukova, M. A. Khazhmuradov p.31 Summary Full text


Modelling of mass and geometrical parameters of a aggregation of fuel-containing materials in the southeast part of a premise 305/2 destroyed 4-th unit Chernobyl NPP V. A. Babenko, E. D. Vysotskiy, A. A. Kluchnikov, A. S. Lagunenko, V. M. Pavlovich, E. M. Pazukhin p.36 Summary Full text

To a question about gas-fluoride processing lava-like fuel contents of object "Ukryttya" A. A. Odintsov, A. E. Novikov p.43 Summary Full text

Control of releases of radioactive aerosols from object "Ukryttya" in 2007 V. Е. Khan, B. I. Ogorodnikov, O. K. Kalynovskiy, P. N. Dubenko, V. B. Rybalka, V. A. Krasnov, P. I. Bulan p.48 Summary Full text

Aerosol-carriers of 212pb in the "Ukryttya" object B. I. Ogorodnikov, A. K. Budyka, V. E. Khan, E. M. Pazukhin, V. P. Kovalchuk p.54 Summary Full text

Relationship between long term characteristics of wind velocity in the outer environment, and radioactive aerosols concentration in "Ukryttya" object А. D. Skorbun, B. I Ogorodnikov p.66 Summary Full text

Calculation of concentration of radioactive aerosols at extrass from new safe to konfaynmenta CHAES V. G. Batiy, V. V. Yegorov, Yu. I. Rubezhanskiy p.74 Summary Full text

Volumetric activity of transuranium elements in liquid radioactive waster of object "Ukryttya" influencing on nuclear and radiating safety А. A. Odintsov, V. Е. Khan, V. A. Krasnov, V. N. Tscherbin p.80 Summary Full text

Influence of the electrostatic interactions on the adsorbed properties of the radionuclide ions near the porous surfaces of lava-like fuel-containing materials E. M. Sovyak p.94 Summary Full text

Theoretical description of reactionary-electrodiffusion transport processes of ions, electrons, water molecules in system "aqueous solution LFCM" P. A. Hlushak, O. S. Zachar'yash, S. M. Mokhnyak, E. M. Soviak, M. V. Tokarchuk p.100 Summary Full text


Agregating of mercury-like rare-earth ions in the alkali halide crystals as model of clasterization in LFCM R. R. Levitsky, A. S. Voloshinovskii, S. V. Myagkota, A. S. Vdovych p.110 Summary Full text

Ferrocyanide sorbents on clay matrix in process of radionuclides sorption V. V. Tokarevskyy, H. A. Lobach, I. M. Krip, T. V. Shymchuk, M. V. Tokarchuk p.120 Summary Full text

Detecting a week lines in gamma spectra А. D. Skorbun, M. I. Panasyuk p.125 Summary Full text

To definition of activity of hot particles by a radiographic method V. K. Shynkarenko p.130 Summary Full text

Information model of the "Ukryttya" object Ie. V. Batii, А. A. Yermolenko, V. T. Кotliarov p.140 Summary Full text

Radiological survey of landscapes in a scale 1 : 500 to 1 : 5000 D. D. Ganzha, A. B. Nazarov, B. M. Sploshnoj p.144 Summary Full text

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