Number 10
Number 10




Complex of research and engineering efforts on increasing safety and efficiency of production of Ukrainian NPPS D. V. Biley, T. V. Gablaya, Yu. L. Kovrigkin, V. N. Kolykhanov, Yu. A. Komarov, V. Yu. Kochnyeva, V. I. Skalozubov, V. V. Urbanskiy, I. M. Foltov p.8 Summary Full text

Reactor unit WWER-440 primary to secondary leakage accident analysis for relap5 code validation under collaboration of Ukrainian and Bulgarian specialists V. I. Borysenko, A. G. Krushynsky, V. P. Mukoyd, Pavlin Groudev, Malinka Pavlova p.12 Summary Full text

Burnup checking of spent fuel during the exploitation of drystorage at Zaporizhzhe nuclear power plant O. A. Kuchmagra, O. S. Molchanov, G. I. Odinokin, V. M. Pavlovich, A. V. Podnebesnyy, S. V. Borsuk, O. V. Gorbachenko, O. I. Ignatchenko p.20 Summary Full text

Optimization of metal control during repair сampaign of power units of nuclear power plant with VVER D. V. Biley, Yu. L. Kovrizhkin, V. Yu. Kochnyeva p.32 Summary Full text

Calculation procedure and the model of the thermal condition оf the rod of the stator winding with the direct cooling оf the conductors of the winding of stator G. M. Fedorenko, A. V. Vygovskiy, D. I. Hvalin, I. V. Krasutskiy p.40 Summary Full text

Heating of stator and rotor elements of powerful turbogenerator under stopping distillate circulation and hydrogen pressure in housing G. M. Fedorenko, O. G. Kensickiy, О. О. Klyuchnyko, A. P. Gruboy p.52 Summary Full text

New method for recognition of the heat-carriers high-frequency oscillatory instability in channels of nuclear reactors I. G. Sharaevsky p.60 Summary Full text

Actual status and the progress perspectives оf the spectrometric complexes for the primary contour coolant аnd the steamgenerator leakages' monitoring A. S. Kasimirov, L. B. Martynyuk, A. G. Isaiev, S. M. Iievliev, A. F. Rudyk p.70 Summary Full text

Progress in ukrainian nuclear instrument-making industry and prospect оf the branch development A. S. Kasimirov, L. B. Martynyuk, G. F. Kasimirova, S. M. Iievliev, E. V. Chorny p.78 Summary Full text

Sintering of magnesium-aluminium spinel - an inert matrix for isolation of highly active waste S. V. Gabelkov, R. V. Tarasov, N. S. Poltavtsev, M. P. Starolat, E. P. Bereznyak, A. V. Pilipenko, A. G. Mironova, V. V. Makarenko p.85 Summary Full text


Radioecology role in decision of radiation safety problem B. S. Prister, E. К.Garger, V. D.Vinogradskaja p.90 Summary Full text

Aerosol situation monitoring in some under-reactor premisesаt object "Ukryttya" V. P. Badovsky, A. A. Kluchnicov, T. A. Kravchuk, A. E. Melenevsky, V. N. Shcherbin p.99 Summary Full text

Wind's resuspension of radioactive aerosol E. K. Garger p.111 Summary Full text

Radionuclide aerosol monitoring into local zone оf the "Ukryttya" object of the Chernobyl NPP B. I. Ogorodnikov, V. E. Khan, V. A. Krasnov, M. I. Zvenitskiy p.121 Summary Full text

Observation of aerosol situation on the object "Ukryttya" at MSDS work session in april 2008 B. I. Ogorodnikov, V. E. Khan, V. A. Krasnov, V. P. Kovalchuk p.133 Summary Full text

About increase of volumetric activity 90Sr in tests of underground waters from wells of industrial area of Chornobyl NPP M. I. Panasyuk, A. M. Alfyoroff, S. S. Pidbereznyi, G. V. Levin, I. A. Litvin, V. M. Shestopalov, D. E. Kukharenko, I. P. Onyshchenko p.136 Summary Full text

Problems of a radioactive polluted soil and other Chernobyl exclusive zone radwaste disposal and way of their decision V. G. Batiy, O. A. Kaftanatina, O. A. Pravdiviy, V. M. Rud'ko, O. I. Stoyanov p.140 Summary Full text

Alpha-spectrometer definition of isotope structure of uranium in liquid radioactive waster of object "Ukryttya" А. A. Odintsov p.147 Summary Full text

Development of methods of research of radiation situation at working zones at "Ukryttya" object V. G. Batiy, V. V. Yegorov, А. А. Pravdivyj, N. А. Kochnev, V. V. Selukova, М. А. Khazhmuradov p.155 Summary Full text

Phytodemutation effect on the 137Cs redistribution within Chornobyl urbanized landscapes D. D. Ganzha p.165 Summary Full text

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