Number 11
Number 11




Identification method of symptoms of beyond design basis accidents аt nuclear power plants V. I. Skalozubov, V. N. Kolykhanov, N. I. Vlasenko, A. V. Shavlakov p.8

Methods of realization of the concept of transition to repair on a technical condition of the equipment of the atomic power station J. L. Kovrizhkin p.14 Summary Full text

Recognition of thermogydravlic anomalies in water-cooled power reactor on spectral parameters of reactors' noises I. G. Sharaevsky p.19 Summary Full text

The problems and tasks of development of intellect systems for operative diagnostic of anomaly and before wrecking heat hydraulic processes in active zones of nuclear power reactors I. G. Sharaevsky, N. M. Fialko p.30 Summary Full text

Thermal state of ventilated containers with spent heat-generation assembly of reactor WWER-1000 S. V. Alyokhina, V. M. Goloschapov, A. O. Kostikov p.36 Summary Full text

Mechanical strese at the turbogenerator construction units in transients processes under self-timed sequencing V. L. Ahremenko, O. I. Tytko, O. P. Gruboj, V. I. Cherednik, G. M. Fedorenko p.42 Summary Full text

Adaptation of numerical weather prediction model мм5 to conditions оf Ukraine and preliminary estimate of the skill in forecasting for problems оf transportation and sedimentation of radioactive substances in NPP areas Т. D. Lev, S. V. Mysnyk, О. G. Tischenko p.48 Summary Full text

Physical properties and limitations of radionuclides atmospheric transport models for different space and time scales N. N. Тalerko p.57 Summary Full text

Application of optimization model at prognostication of radio-active contamination of the river systems with storage pools U. I. Kuzmenko p.63 Summary Full text

Obtain of functional surfaces by means of control mode оf steel etching under the influence of a magnetic field S. V. Gorobets, O. Yu. Gorobets, O. M. Bylo, M. M. Potyemkin p.70 Summary Full text


High-level activity waste management on the Chernobyl NPP V. G. Batiy, O. A. Kaftanatina, O. A. Pravdiviy, V. M. Rud'ko, O. I. Stoyanov p.75 Summary Full text

Formal kinetics of heterogenous catalysis аnd sorption treatment of compound solutions I. A. Ageyeva, O. B. Andronov, O. O. Klyuchnykov p.84 Summary Full text

Experience of mathematical simulation application at works on ensuring of radiation safety V. G. Batiy, Yu. I. Rubezhanskiy, A. O. Sizov, D. V. Fedorchenko, М. А. Khazhmuradov p.93 Summary Full text

Multidetector installation for angular distributions intensity measurement of gamma-radiation in hard radiating conditions V. G. Batiy, O. А. Pravdiviy, I. M. Kopanets, M. O. Kochnev, V. V. Selukova, M. A. Khazhmuradov p.104 Summary Full text

The investigation angular and energy characteristics of gamma-field within assembly zone of new ventilation stack V. G. Batiy, S. I. Glebkin, O. M. Kartashov, O. M. Kaftanatina, O. A. Pravdiviy, A. O. Sizov, O. I. Stoyanov p.109 Summary Full text

Results of operations according to radioactive contaminating of grounds and underground waters in area of the "Ukryttya" object M. I. Panasyuk, A. M. Alfyorov, S. S. Pidberezniy, G. V. Levin, I. A. Lytvin p.115 Summary Full text

Upgrading approaches to obtain design labour- and dose-cost indices based on practical experience of work organization at CHNPP "Ukryttia" object О. V. Balan, D. V. Gorodetski, L. I. Pavlovski, V. М. Rudko, V. M. Shchеrbin p.120 Summary Full text

Model for prognostication of population internal irradiation dose Аt the soil way of long-living radionuclides including in food chains B. S. Prister, V. D. Vinogradskaja p.128 Summary Full text

Cesium containing phases in wood ash of the Chernobyl region F. V. Belkin, S. V. Gabelkov, R. V. Tarasov, N. S. Poltavtsev, L. M. Litvinenko, T. P. Ryzhova p.136 Summary Full text

Radionuclides activity evaluation of intake by inhalation of 137Cs, 60Cо taking into account anthro-pometric data with the help оf the expert whole body counter V. O. Pikta, О. M. Perevoznikov, V. V. Vasylenko, G. M. Zadorozhna p.142 Summary Full text

Irradiation of the population in modern medical x-ray diagnostics аnd the way of its reduction A. B. Sidnev, O. N. Perevoznikov p.146 Summary Full text

Abstract preprints issued by the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine in 2008 p.152

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