Number 22
Number 22




Justification of reliability of the system decay heat removal of a nuclear reactor from the point of view of NРР safety V. I. Borysenko, О. О. Kliuchnykov, V. I. Pampuro p.5 Summary Full text

Symptom-oriented approach to validation of severe nuclear accidents control srategies for minimization of cata-strophic environmental consequences V. I. Skalozubov, V. M. Vaschenko, A. A. Gudyma, I. L. Kozlov p.13 Summary Full text

Risk-oriented method of assessment of probability of destruction of the reactor during thermal shock V. I. Skalozubov, T. V. Gablaia, G. S. Dragan, I. L. Kozlov, E. S. Leshotnaya p.16 Summary Full text

Using of robotic technologies during liquidation consequences of acciddents on NPPs A. S. Sadovnikov p.23 Summary Full text

The problems of calculation of heat transfer crisis in fuel assemblies of PW reactors based on modern versions of thermohydraulic codes N. М. Fialko, G. I. Sharaevsky, S. V. Babak, E. I. Sharaevskaya p.34 Summary Full text

The actual problems of calculation of the parameters of safety of water cooled reactors based on modern versions of thermal-hydraulic codes N. М. Fialko, G. I. Sharaevsky, S. V. Babak, N. I. Sharaevskaya p.44 Summary Full text

Comments on the draft basic requirements safety of nuclear plants based on lessons accident at the plant Fukushima-Daiichi O. O. Klyuchnykov, V. І. Skalozubov, T. V. Gablaya, V. N. Vaschenko, І. L. Kozlov, T. V. Gerasimenko, A. A. Hudyma, K. V. Skalozubov p.51 Summary Full text

Hydrodynamic models of the possibility of flooding Zaporizhya NPP site beyond the extreme earthquakes and hurricanesV. I. Skalozubov. V. M. Vaschenko, I. L. Kozlov, T. V. Gablaia, T. V. Gerasimenko p.56 Summary Full text

Physical properties of blanket components for molten salt reactor L. A. Bulavin, A. А. Omelchuk, N. V. Faidiuk, Yu. O. Plevachuk, V. M. Sklyarchuk, R. N. Savchuk p.63 Summary Full text


Nanosized pore channels as a component of pore space of lava-like fuel-containing materials of «Ukryttya» object S. V. Gabielkov, О. О. Kliuchnykov, Ye. Ye. Olіynyk, P. E. Parkhomchuk, G. F. Chemersky, V. М. Shcherbin p.70 Summary Full text

Dynamics of under-reactor slab temperature on the background of fuel afterheat decrease within critical mass risk zones E. D. Vysotsky, O. V. Mikhailov, A. O. Doroshenko p.76 Summary Full text

The improvement of "Ukryttya" object and new safety confinement nuclear safety control reliability A. I. Dovyd'kov, S. A. Dovyd'kov, V. A. Krasnov, V. N. Shcherbin p.84 Summary Full text

Of new principle for wet aerosol cleaning and its place in developing industrial radwaste management system O. B. Andronov p.92 Summary Full text

Determination of sizes of parameters of model of describing nuclear-dengerous accumulation of fuel contained materials in object «Ukryttya» V. B. Shostak, V. M. Scherbin, Ye. Ye. Oliynyk p.98 Summary Full text

Control of releases of radioactive aerosols from object “Ukryttya” in 2013 V. E. Khan, B. I. Ogorodnikov, A. K. Kalinovskiy, V. A. Krasnov p.110 Summary Full text

Abstract preprints issued by the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine in 2013 p.122 Full text

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