Number 23
Number 23




Analysis of lessons severe accidents at nuclear power plants Fukushima-Daiichi for translating safety V. I. Skalozubov, I. L. Kozlov, T. V. Gablaia, T. V. Gerasimenko, K. V. Skalozubov p.5 Summary Full text

Fractal structures and percolation in nuclear reactor V. V. Ryazanov p.13 Summary Full text

Hydrodynamic model of possible flooding of an industrial platform of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant at joint impact of a beyond design basis earthquake and a tornado in a pond cooler V. I. Skalozubov, I. L. Kozlov, T. V. Gablaya, T. V. Gerasimenko p.22 Summary Full text

NPP`s welding repair works using technology of mechanized underwater welding of corrosion-resistant steel type of high 18-10 M. Yu. Kakhovskyi, S. Yu. Maksimov, G. V. Fadeeva p.26 Summary Full text



Analysis of possible ways of the fuel containing materials management after completion of the new safe confine-ment construction V. G. Batiy, V. M. Scherbin, A. V. Shchulepnikova p.32 Summary Full text

Results of studies of the aerosol filters exposed before, during and after the destruction of the roof of the machine hall of Сhornobyl NPP 4-th block V. K. Shynkarenko, V. A. Kashpur, G. G. Skorjak p.45 Summary Full text

Physical and chemical characteristics of the aerosol of the 30 km zone of ChNPP in 1986 - 2013 E. K. Garger, V. A. Kashpur, G. G. Skorjak, V. K. Shynkarenko p.54 Summary Full text

Volume distribution fields of gamma radiation in the area of central hall оf the 4th Unit of Сhornobyl NPP V. G. Batiy, S. S. Podbereznyi, A. І. Stoyanov p.66 Summary Full text

Computer simulation of the fuel containing materials removal process from the "Ukryttya" object upper levels V. G. Batiy, D. N. Romanov, S. S. Podbereznyi, A. І. Stoyanov, V. N. Scherbin p.74 Summary Full text

Principles of threshold setting in fuel-containing materials subcriticality control channels A. I. Dovydkov, V. O. Krasnov, V. M. Shcherbin p.82 Summary Full text

Radioactive contaminate water in the rooms of object «Ukryttya»O. O. Odintsov, V. E. Khan, V. O. Krasnov, V. M. Shcherbin, M. М. Yakovenko p.89 Summary Full text

Research of radionuclide concentrations in the fuel-containing samples from «Ukryttya» object D. M. Bondarkov, M. V. Zheltonozhska, А. M. Maksimenko, M. I. Panasyuk p.102 Summary Full text

Characteristics of radioactive aerosols in premise 211/2 of the object “Ukryttya” in 2012 B. I. Ogorodnikov, V. E. Khan, V. P. Kovalchuk p.108 Summary Full text

Optimal choice of semiconductor gamma detector for determining radionuclide content genesis of Chornobyl О. K. Kalynovsky p. 119 Summary Full text

Definition of the filtration coefficient in the alluvial sands area of the Сhоrnobyl NPP industrial site М. I. Panasyuk p.124 Summary Full text

Spectroscopic technique of registration of 90Sr in fuel containing materials M. V. Zheltonozh-skaya p.131 Summary Full text

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