Number 25
Number 25




Problems of diagnostical ensuring of water-water energetic reactors’ vibroacoustic safety (Part I) N. M. Fialko, I. G. Sharayevsky, L. B. Zimin, S. V. Babak, G. I. Sharayevsky p.5 Summary Full text

Calculation of static strength resistance to brittle fracture and cyclic crack resistance of steel pipe NPP not im-portant to safety T. I. Matchenko, L. B. Shamis, L. F. Pervushova p.15 Summary Full text

Actual problems of vibroacoustic diagnostics of the first circuit of water-water energetic reactors E. I. Sharayevska p.25 Summary Full text

Problems of the thermal-hydraulic computer codes perfection I. G. Sharaevsky, N. M. Fialko, A. V. Nosovsky, L. B. Zimin, G. I. Sharaevsky p.30 Summary Full text

Method for adaptation of WWER “non-design” nuclear fuel in emergency operation V. I. Skalozubov, V. О. Tarasov, S. V. Klevtsov, S. A. Chernezhenko, A. О. Kakaev, V. Yu. Kochnyeva p.39 Summary Full text

Of creation of up-to-date system for treatment of liquid radioactive waste at Ukrainian NPP. Conditioning of liq-uid radioactive wastes O. B. Andronov, V. М. Bezmylov p.39 Summary Full text

Radioecological zoning of territory and model of territory for monitoring of agrossfier after heavy accident at the NPP B. S. Prister, E. K. Garger, М. М. Talerko, V. D. Vinogradska, T. D. Lev p.54 Summary Full text

Conditions of appearance of steam explosions during accidents in tank reactors V. I. Skalozubov , I. L. Kozlov, S. V. Klevtsov p.66 Summary Full text

Method for adaptation of initial conditions of thermoacoustic coolant instability in «wave» reactor core problems of Сhornobyl V. I. Skalozubov , S. I. Klevtsov, S. I. Kosenko, V. Yu. Kochnyeva p.69 Summary Full text


Preliminary assessment of the resource building designs new safe confinement T. I. Matchenko, L. B. Shamis, L. F. Pervushova p.73 Summary Full text

The basic technological solutions of fuel containing materials removal from the upper levels of the object «Ukryttya» O. V. Balan, V. G. Batiy, S. I. Glebkin, A. S. Lagunenko, S. S. Podbereznyy, V. M. Rud'ko, V. N. Shcherbin p.83 Summary Full text

Methodology for the comparative analysis of «dose – cost – benefit» for the two options «early» deconstruction of unstable structures of the «Ukryttya» object V. V. Derengovskiy, V. M. Rudko, V. A. Govorov p.94 Summary Full text

The methodological support of neutron flux density measurements of nuclear safety control system of «Ukryttya» Ye. D. Vysotskij, R. L. Godun, A. О. Doroshenko, V. О. Krasnov, О. V. Mikhailov, Ya. V. Naumchuk, A. Ye. Perederiy, V. P. Silko p.102 Summary Full text

Neutron activity of lava-like clusters of fuel-containing materials on the fourth Сhernobyl unit E. D. Vysotsky, R. L. Godun p.108 Summary Full text

Analysis of the problem nuclear safety review of «Ukryttya» object А. I. Dovyd'kov, V. O. Krasnov, V. M. Shcherbin p.115 Summary Full text

Characteristics of radioactive aerosols in 2014 near lavaliked fuel contained materials in premise 012/15 of the «Ukryttya» object B. I. Ogorodnikov, V. E. Khan, V. P. Kovalchuk p.125 Summary Full text

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