Number 29
Number 29



Current problems thermophysical of the nuclear power units resource management  A. V. Nosovsky, I. G. Sharaevsky, N. М. Fialko, L. B. Zimin, G. I. Sharaevsky p.5 Summary Full text

Influence of moiisture and hydrogen purity of the reliability of poweful electric machines  О. V. Vygovskiy, D. I. Hvalin, V. A. Mystetskyi p.14 Summary Full text

Comparison of statistical properties of coolant temperature and neutron flux in a reactor PWR-1000 A. D. Skorbun, S. M. Stadnyk, V. G. Kotelenets, O. L. Arvaninov, A. V. Drobetskii p.22 Summary Full text

Analysis of experimental statistics of intervals. Verification of interval distribution exponentiality А. A. Kuchmagra, A. D. Skorbun, V. V. Avgustov, I. A. Mazny, O. S. Kasymyrov p.27 Summary Full text



Challenges and Progress in improving Safety and Managing Radioactive Wastes at Chornobyl NPP and in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone Norbert Molitor, Zoran Drace, Dmitri Bugai, Andriy Sizov, Kirsten Haneke, Stefan Thierfeldt, Olaf Nitzsche, Yevgeniy Shapiro p.35 Summary Full text

Long-term programme of biophysical monitoring of the personnel involved in the construction of the new safe confinement V. Berkovskyy, Iu. Bonchuk, G. Ratia, M. Tsygankov, V. Vasylenko, V. Sakhno, T. Volkerniuk, S. Gorbachov p.50 Summary Full text

Forecasting changes in the neutron-physical characteristics of fuel-containing materials V. I. Borysenko, V. V. Goranchuk, N. M. Sidoruk p.56 Summary Full text

Conversion of the object «Ukryttya» relevance of the recommended course of action S. F. Svyerchkov, D. A. Stelmakh, L. E. Shumilova p.62 Summary Full text

Control of releases of radioactive aerosols from object “Ukryttya” in 2015 - 2016 A. S. Lagunenko, V. E. Khan, A. K. Kalinovskiy, V. A. Krasnov, V. O. Kashpur, S. A. Dovyd'kov p.69 Summary Full text

Assessment of aerosol radiation environment in short-range region of ChNPP during building of the new safe confinment E. K. Garger, V. K. Shynkarenko, V. A. Kashpur, G. G. Skorjak, A. K. Kalinovsky p.78 Summary Full text

Problems of investigation of radiological conditions in the implementation of projects on the object "Ukryttya" and the ways of their solutions V. V. Yehorov, L. I. Pavlovsky, А. I. Stoyanov, D. V. Fedorchenko p.85 Summary Full text

Proposals for improvement of normative-legal instruments for providing radiation safety in transformation of the object "Ukryttya" D. V. Gorodetskiy, V. V. Derengovskiy, L. I. Pavlovskiy p.91 Summary Full text

Peculiarities of the radioactive particles transport phenomena in the facilitated diffusion processes D. A. Gavryushenko, V. M. Sysoev, K. V. Cherevko, T. S. Vlasenko p.97 Summary Full text

Update results about dynamics of under-reactor slab temperature and total heat extraction from the zone of localization of nuclearly hazardous clusters in room 305/2 of the Chernobyl NPP object "Ukryttya" O. V. Mikhajlov, A. O. Doroshenko p.105 Summary Full text

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