Number 30
Number 30


The 20th anniversary of the scientific and technical collection «Problemy bezpeky atomnykh electrostantsiy i Chornobylya (Problems of Nuclear Power Plants' Safety and of Chornobyl)»Current problems thermophysical of the nuclear power units resource management A. V. Nosovsky p.5 Full text



Thermophysical aspects of diagnosis systems improving for the NPP first circuit  A. V. Nosovsky, I. G. Sharaevsky, N. М. Fialko, L. B. Zimin, G. I. Sharaevsky p.8 Summary Full text

Use of neural network technologies to recover failed detector signal  V. I. Borysenko, V. V. Goranchuk p.17 Summary Full text

Thermal aspects of some accident conditions at the dry spent nuclear fuel storage in the ventilated containers S. V. Alyokhina p.24 Summary Full text

State of the problem of multi-criterial safety analysis of objects with radiation-nuclear technologies V. V. Derengovskiy, A. V. Nosovskiy p.31 Summary Full text

Reconstruction of radioactive emission source term parameters using radiation monitoring data with the Kalman filter M. M. Talerko, D. V. Zhiginas, G. G. Kuzmenko p.40 Summary Full text

The calculation of redistribution a mechanical forces and vibrations in stator core fastening system of nuclear and thermal power plants turbogenerators O. V. Vygovskiy, D. I. Hvalin, V. A. Mystetskyi p.51 Summary Full text



Definition and classification of radiation-dangerous objects of the Сhernobyl exclution zone for the evaluation of their comprehensive impacts on the environment S. A. Paskevich, D. V. Gorodetskyy, L. I. Pavlovskyy p.60 Summary Full text

Radioactive water in object «Ukryttya» after pulling down of «Arch» of Nev Safe Confinement in project statute O. O. Odintsov, V. E. Khan p.67 Summary Full text

The dynamics of neutron activity and subcriticality of a nuclear-dangerous cluster in the conditions of NSC-SO complex E. D. Vysotsky, R. L. Godun, A. О. Doroshenko p.78 Summary Full text

Levels of radioactive pollution of lower waters of the Сhornobyl nuclear power plant and means of limitation of its distribution M. I. Panasyuk, D. T. Matrosov, Y. I. Petrosenko, G. V. Levin, P. A. Lyushnya, M. O. Syzov, L. А. Palamar, I. P. Onyshchenko p.87 Summary Full text

The results of the inspection of software and technical complex of the system of control and accounting of plant of the processing of solid radioactive waste R. L. Godun, M. V. Pashynov, A. O. Kholodiuk, M. I. Pavliuchenko, S. M. Stadnyk, S. V. Kupriyanchuk, A. O. Doroshenko, O. V. Miasnikov p.93 Summary Full text

Estimation of radiation conditions for construction of the storage of high-active waste in the turbine hall Chernobyl NPP О. V. Balan, S. G. Brylka, V. V. Yehorov, Yu. V. Мorozov, L. I. Pavlovsky p.103 Summary Full text

To problems of hot particles β-activity deternination errors by the autoradiography method V. K. Shynkarenko p.109 Summary Full text

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Problems of nuclear power plants' safety and of Chornobyl