Number 31
Number 31


100th anniversary of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine A. V. Nosovsky p.5 Full text



Features of diagnostics of unsupposed thermal, vibroacoustic and neutron processes in the first contour of nuclear reactors I. G. Sharaevsky, N. М. Fialko, L. B. Zimin, G. І. Sharaevsky p.6 Summary Full text

Estimation of the parameter of the roughness of the territory of Ukraine on different space scale for models of atmospheric transport and deposit of pollutants T. D. Lev p.16 Summary Full text

A heating of stator winding turbogenerator for failure the circulation of refrigerant O. G. Kensytskiy, D. I. Hvalin p.31 Summary Full text

Diagnostics the asynchronous motors of nuclear power plants blocks О. V. Vygovskiy p.36 Summary Full text

Сomparative analysis of the results of numerical simulation in Monte-Carlo codes formation of signal of selfpowered neutron detector in VVER-1000 V. I. Borysenko, Yu. F. Piontkovskyi p.41 Summary Full text



Radon in the sub-reactor room 210/7 of the «Ukryttya» object B. I. Ogorodnikov, V. E. Khan, V. P. Kovalchuk p.48 Summary Full text

Results of calculated estimates of material environment characterization for nuclearly hazardous clusters in ChNPP NSC – «Ukryttya» object as based on version of their corium origin O. V. Mikhajlov p.59 Summary Full text

Monitoring of radioactive aerosol releases from «Ukryttya» object within conditions of new safe confinement in 2017 A. S. Lagunenko, V. E. Khan, A. K. Kalinovskiy, V. A. Krasnov, V. O. Kashpur, V. P. Kjvalchuk p.68 Summary Full text

Features of extraction of fuel containing materials from lower levels of object «Ukryttya» O. V. Balan, V. G. Bаtіy, S. S. Podberezniy, V. M. Rudko p.76 Summary Full text

The rate of dry deposition of radioactive substances of Chernobyl origin according to observations Е. К. Garger p.85 Summary Full text

Brief analysis of results of measured neutron flux density and gamma dose rate in borehole Ю.12.78 of "Ukryttya" object M. I. Pavliuchenko, V. A. Krasnov p.104 Summary Full text

Problems of account of nuclear materials at transformation of object «Ukryttya» into an ecologically safe system О. А. Kaftanatina, S. А. Paskevich p.109 Summary Full text

Рerspectives of use of existing infrastructure objects for the creation of new objects on the control of radioactive waste on ChNPP O. B. Balan, D. V. Gorodetskyy, L. I. Pavlovskyy p.114 Summary Full text

Possibility of using thermodynamic modeling of formation of high concentrations of 90Sr in highly alkaline underground waters M. I. Panasyuk, D. T. Matrosov, O. I. Stoianov, G. V. Levin p.120 Summary Full text

Results of the use of the HVRC VRdose Planner for assessing exposure doses of personnel when performing work in radiation hazardous conditions M. V. Pashynov, S. S. Pidbereznyy, S. A. Paskevych, O. V. Balan, F. V. Lanskyh p.127 Summary Full text

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