Number 32
Number 32


Decision International Scientific and Practical Conference «Transforming the Shelter Object to an Environmentally Safe System: Eхperience, Problems and Solutions» (Kyiv, November 27 – 28, 2018) p.5

Strategic directions at the Shelter object after putting into operation new safe confinement А. V. Nosovskyi p.8 Summary Full text

Conceptual solutiona for the dismantiling of unstablw structures of the Shelter object O. V. Balan, S. A. Paskevych, M. V. Pashinov, S. S. Pidberezniy, V. M. Rudko p.15 Summary Full text

The state of fuel-containing materials inside the NSC "Аrka" and problems which connected with the ensuring of their nuclear and radiation safety V. A. Krasnov, R. L. Godun p.22 Summary Full text

Factors that determining Shelter safety within new safe confinement A. Berthold, Ye. V. Veselov, S. N. Kondratiev, I. S. Kutina, L. Küchler p.30 Summary Full text

Preliminary analysis of the possibility of transfer of fuel containing materials into a controlled condition D. А. Stelmakh, L. E. Shumilova p.39 Summary Full text

Crystallization of lava-like fuel-containing materials from NSC-SO S. V. Gabielkov, I. V. Zhyganiuk, V. G. Kudlai, P. E. Parkhomchuk, S. A. Chikolovets p.44 Summary Full text

Vitrification of lava fuel-containing-materials – a promising event on transformation of the Shelter object into an ecologically safe system Yu. A. Olkhovyk p.52 Summary Full text

The strategy of the Shelter object transformation into an ecologically safe system. Problems and challenges Y. V. Malakhov, T. Yu. Baybuzenko p.57 Summary Full text

Integrated automated system for Shelter monitoring S. F. Svierchkov p.62 Summary Full text

EDR measurement in the near field of NSC to assess efficiency of radiation protection A. E. Novikov, S. V. Sharshun, L. V. Yakovenko, E. V. Stromko, A. Yu. Evstigneev p.67 Summary Full text

Result to radio monitoring in the area of the NBK-OU complex and the replacement of the late-spring waters M. І. Panasіuk, O. I. Stoyanov, P. A. Lyushnia, G. V. Levin, L. A. Palamar, I. P. Onyshchenko p.74 Summary Full text

Model of thermal, gasdynamic, humidity and radiation state and monitoring of the new safe confinement and the Shelter object P. G. Krukovskyi, M. A. Metel, D. I. Sklyarenko, A. S. Polubinsky p.80 Summary Full text

CFD-analysis and prediction of the radioactive aerosols distribution during operation of new safe confinement M. A. Metel, P. G. Krukovskyi, D. I. Sklyarenko, A. S. Polubinskyi p.86 Summary Full text

Innovative platform for the project of the transformation of Shelter object on environmentally safe system V. L. Konashchuk p.93 Summary Full text

The international projects to develop and support short and long term measures at ChNPP unit 4 site N. Molitor, Z. Drace, I. Stange-Wiehr p.101 Summary Full text

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