Number 17
Number 17


This scientific digest of the Institute for safety problems of NPPs of Ukraine's NAS “Problems of nuclear plants’ safety and of Chornobyl” presents the publications on the problems of nuclear power engineering , NPP safe operation, extension of NPP units operation life and NPP decommission , radioactive waste management, environmental impact of radioactively hazardous objects, radiobiology and radioeco­logy, radiation material sciences, instrumentation and methods of experiments, problems of overcoming heavy technogenic accidents' consequences

The digest includes the articles covering the results of completed theoretical and experimental researches, which are of interest for the research engineers, post-graduate students, engineers as well as the higher school students

Articles are admitted for the publication in Ukrainian, Russian and English.




Preanalysis of severe accident causes at Fukushima-1 О. О. Klyuchnykov, V. I. Skalozubov, Haj Farajallah Dabbach A p. 8 Summary Full text

Prediction thermal defects in the winding and stator core powerful turbogenerators NPP units and their localization with intelligent methods and means О. О. Klyuchnykov, G. M. Fedorenko, О. V. Vygovskiy p. 17 Summary Full text

Assessment of time to scheduled maintenance and repair using conception of reliability centred main-tenance of NPP equipment Yu. A. Komarov, V. Yu. Kochnyeva p.27 Summary Full text

Maintainability evaluation of the exploited reinforced concrete structures of NPP T. I. Matchenko, L. B. Shamis, L. F. Pervushova p.40 Summary Full text

Method bases of branch standard on optimization of vortex-current control of steam generators of NPP with WWER D. V. Biley, S. I. Kosenko, V. I. Skalozubov, Haj Farajallah Dabbach A p.53 Summary Full text

Analysis of current state of transformer equipment, its role and place in affording safety, increasing power- and ecological effectiveness operation of units of nuclear power stations of Ukraine D. V. Zozulia, G. M. Fedorenko p.59 Summary Full text

About checks of recirculating cooling systems on conformity to project characteristics S. O. Lystzov, N. P. Maystrenko, A. A. Zakharchenko, M. A. Khazhmuradov p.68 Summary Full text

Prospects for development and implementation of risk-oriented approach to implement the comp¬rehensive (consolidated) training program security Ukrainian NPP D. V. Biley, V. N. Vashchenko, V. V. Zlochevsky, V. I. Skalozubov p.76 Summary Full text

Fukushima radioactive aerosols in Chernobyl O. K. Kalynovsky, V. O. Krasnov, B. I. Ogorodnikov p.80 Summary Full text

Role of quality management system in ensuring of NPP safety V. V. Tikhonenko, T. V. Tikhonenko, I. G. Lagutin, N. M. Yershova p.87 Summary Full text


Features of the control of objekt ”Ukryttya” nuclear safety, during the new safe confinement building E. D. Vysotskiy, A. I. Dovydkov, V. A. Krasnov, V. М. Shcherbin p.91 Summary Full text

Control of releases of radioactive aerosols from object “Ukryttya” in 2010 V. E. Khan, B. I. Ogorodnikov, A. K. Kalinovskiy, V. A. Krasnov p.98 Summary Full text

Radioactive aerosols in local area of “Ukryttya” object during 2009 - 2010 O. K. Kalynovsky, V. O. Krasnov, B. I. Ogorodnikov p.106 Summary Full text

Scenario for verification of mathematical models using data of measurements of radioactive contami¬nation in Korosten and Korosten district after accident at the Chernobyl NPP Е. К. Garger, Т. D. Lev, N. N. Talerko, V.A. Kashpur, О. G. Tischenko, V.N. Piskun p.112 Summary Full text

Mathematical modelling of geomigratory processes in water-saturated soil in area of object "Ukryt-tya" M. I. Panasyuk, A. M. Alfyorov, G. V. Levin, M. B. Starikov p.124 Summary Full text

Conditioned оf process of water removal product radioactive and non-radioactive genesis O. L. Shevchenko p. 131 Summary Full text

137Сs and 90Sr aerosol-carriers origination when welding radioactively contaminated metal struc-tures А. А. Ennan, M. V. Оprya, S. А. Кiro, V. E. Khan, B. I. Ogorodnikov, V. A. Krasnov p.139 Summary Full text

Optimization of process of RAW management in a process of Chernobyl NPP new SNF storage facility operation V. G. Batiy, O. A. Kaftanatina, Yu. V. Morozov, A. A. Pravdivy, V. M. Rud’ko, D. V. Bogutsky p.147 Summary Full text

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Problems of nuclear power plants' safety and of chornobyl