Number 3 (part 1)
Number 3 (part 1)


The digest includes the articles with materials of the oral presentations done on сhornobyl part of international science-practical conference "Paradigms of modern radio-biology. Radiation protection of personnel of objects of atomic energetics". The subject of presentations engulfs the wide circle of problems, which reflect the modern state of radiation protection of personnel of enterprises of atomic energetics in general, and object of "Shelter", in particular. The ecological threat of radiation factor of this object and adequacy of existent facilities of radiation protection is thoroughly discussed, and also offered the ways of optimization of the program of radiation protection.

Introduction O. O. Klyuchnykov p.7

Radiation protection staff of operating NPP and object "Ukruttya", existent problems, strategy and tactic of their decision today O. F. Senyuk, V. O. Krasnov, V. M. Danilov p.9  Summary Full text

Features of radiation protection in conditions of "Ukryttya" object, problems and prospects of their decision V. G. Baty, L. I. Pavlovsky, A. A. Pravdivyj, V. M. Rudko, A. A. Sizov, V. N. Shcherbin, A. V. Dmitrienko p.24 Summary Full text

Dust creation inside the "Ukryttya" object under the influence of man-caused and natural factors B. I. Ogorodnikov, N. I. Pavlyuchenko, A. K. Budyka, V. A. Krasnov p.31 Summary Full text

Submicron aerosols and issues related to the internal dose monitoring system of the personnel of the "Ukryttya" оbject and the exclusion zone O. О. Bondarenko p.45 Summary Full text

Peculiarities of radiation and ecological safety ensuring at extraction of radioactive contaminated soils in the sites of laying foundations for new safety confinement M. I. Selyanskiy. M. I. Panasyuk, A. D. Skorbun, M. I. Pavlyuchenko, A. V. Dmitrienko, S. V. Sukhostavskiy p.57 Summary Full text

Radioactive contamination of the CHNPP exclusion zone with fuel particles and their radiological significance V. A. Kashparov p.61 Summary Full text

Use of easy respirators in radiation defence, problems and ways of their decision A. V. Korobeynikova, V. S. Astakhov, G. V. Podpletneva p.70 Summary Full text

Fungal damage of "Ukryttya" N. N. Zhdanova, V. A. Zakharchenko, T. I. Tugay, Yu. V. Karpenko, L. T. Nakonechnaya, A. K. Pavlichenko, V. A. Zheltonozhsky, A. V. Gidkov, O. F. Senyuk p.78 Summary Full text

The microbic factor, fuel-containing materials and submicronic particles formation in object "Ukryttya" V. B. Rybalka, G. F.Smirnova, G. I. Petelin, I. N. Kantseva, V. V. Serbinovich, V. A. Krasnov, V. E. Khan p.87 Summary Full text

Calculation of a dose coefficient for aerosol of arbitrary dispersity A. K. Sukhoruchkin p.98 Summary Full text

Objectivization of "eternal" CHNPP zone accompaniment, necessity of the human factor overcoming at the accompaniment of nuclear technological facilities І. P. Dryapachenko p.102 Summary Full text

Substantiation the factors of an estimation of radiating safety in armies І. V. Checanova p.110 Summary Full text

Ecological inspection as methodology of an estimation radiating is brave during conversion of military objects I. V. Checanova, A. I. Lysenko, S. N. Chymachenko, O. G. Molozhanova p.118 Summary Full text

State of human genome at low-doses ecological influences S. B. Mel'nov, P. G. Rytyk, N. G. Kruchynskyy, V. O. Kovalev, L. А. Palamar, О. F.Senyuk p.122 Summary Full text

The ways of increase of radioresistency of the atomic engineering objects personnel Ju. Ju. Ivitsky, A. N. Grebeniuk, V. L. Rejniuk, V. I. Legeza p.127 Summary Full text

Strategy of biological antiradiation defence: radioprotectors, radioblocators, radiodecorporants I. N. Gudkov p.133 Summary Full text

Radiosorbtive properties of chitin-melanin complexes and prospect of their use in radiation defence L. F. Gorovoj, V. N. Kosyakov, N. G. Yakovlev, O. F. Senyuk p.140 Summary Full text

No-dependent correction of mitochondrial dysfunctions at ionizing irradiation in small dozes N. N. Kurhalyuk, G.M. Tkachenko p.151 Summary Full text

Possibility of organic mineral water "Naftusia Zbrutschanska" helps in correction of immune system with of E. A. Raksha-Slusareva, О. А. Slusarev, V. D. Maligina p.159 Summary Full text

Action of iron complexes on biosynthesis of photosynthetic pigments and chromosome aberrations in seedlings of irradiated wheat seeds I. V. Azizov, A. S. Abdullayev, M. F. Farajov, Z. H. Huseynova, F. R Barkhalova p.164 Summary Full text

Oil of the circassian walnut as immunostimulating and antiradiation drug from action of various factors of natural-technogen origins A. S. Abdullayev, M. F. Faradjov, I. V. Azizov p.167 Summary Full text

The perspective measures of homeostasis normalization in cattle in the zone of radioactive contamination A. M. Nikitenko. V. V. Malina, T. P. Tkachenko, M. V. Kozak p.172 Summary Full text

Use of stand of climatic influences for radiobiology researches А. N. Nenakhov, О. F. Senyuk p.175 Summary Full text

Abstracts p.179


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