Number 4
Number 4


Introduction O. O. Klyuchnykov p.7

Accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, october 1991: facts and causes A. V. Ptashkin, G. М. Fedorenko p. 8 Summary Full text

Analysis of the effective multiplication factor statistical measurement results in the depository of the spent nuclear fuel A. A. Kliuchnykov, A. A. Kuchmagra, V. T. Kotlyarov, G. I. Odinokin, E. E. Olejnik, V. N. Pavlovich, S. A. Storozhenko, V. B. Shostak, S. V. Yaroshenko p.22 Summary Full text

Using of mesoscale atmospheric transport model for assessment of consequences of severe accident at nuclear power plant N. N. Talerko, Е. K. Garger, A. G. Kuzmenko, I. P. Shedemenko p.30 Summary Full text

Modelling the gamma-radiation fields in airspace nearby the "Ukryttya" object within the "Arka" construction zone A. I. Dovyd'kov, V. A. Krasnov, V. N. Scherbin p.37 Summary Full text

Influence of main ionizing sources to radiation conditions within assembly zone of new safe confinement V. G. Batiy, S. I. Glebkin, V. V. Yegorov, L. I. Pavlovskiy, C. A. Packevich, A. A. Pravdiviy, V. M. Rudko, A. I. Stojanov, D. V. Fedorchenko p.44 Summary Full text

Impact of radioactive substances releases on the personnel and the environment during trans-formation of the ChNPP's "Ukryttya" object A. A. Sizov p.55 Summary Full text

Calculations of radioactive aerosol concentration near the "Ukryttya" object on the basis of improved computer models V. G. Batiy, V. V. Yegorov, Yu. I. Rubezhanskiy p. 69 Summary Full text

Methodology for estimation of reliability indicators being applied for assessment of NPP ecological safety level A. V. Nosovski, O. V. Pecherytsya p.76 Summary Full text

Estimation of reliability indexes of the checking system of fuel-containing materials in the process of exploitation V. V. Augustov, А. А. Кuchmagra, О. S. Моlchanov, L. М. Оliynyk p.82 Summary Full text

Method of application of optimization principle in the process of the "Ukryttya" object transformation V.Batiy, L.Pavlovskiy, V.Rud'ko V. G. Batiy, L. I. Pavlovskiy, V. M. Rud'ko p.87 Summary Full text

The method of costs estimation for radioactive waste management during the nuclear power plant unit decommissioning А. V. Nosovskiy, L. V. Saliy p.94 Summary Full text

Shielding optimization during stabilization of the Ukryttya's building constructions O. V. Balan, V. G. Batiy, S. I. Glebkin, V. V. Yegorov, L. L. Lebedinskiy, L. I. Pavlovskiy, O. A. Pravdiviy, V. M. Rudko, N. V. Sydorenko, A. I. Stojanov p.104 Summary Full text

Study of particularities of radionuclides composition in ground waters 4-G borehole of the "Ukryttya" object's local area V. E. Khan, A. A. Odintsov, O. K. Kalynovsky, P. N. Dubenko, E. M. Pazukshin. V. A. Krasnov p.111 Summary Full text

About the possibility of forecasting of the level of aerosols activity in ventilating system of "Ukrittya" object B. I. Ogorodnikov, A. D. Skorbun p.121 Summary Full text

Control and diagnostics of technical state of main electro technical and thermal equipment of NPP, TPS and HPS on the basis of thermovision technologies B. B. Bandurian, G. M. Fedorenko, L. B. Ostapchuk, V. O. Saratov p.125 Summary Full text

Binding of radiocaesium by microorganisms from the "Ukryttya" object V. B. Rybalka, I. N. Kantseva, G. F. Smirnova, G. I. Petelin, J. I. Zimin p.132 Summary Full text

The main achievements of the Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants in the technical sciences field in 2005 p.138 Summary Full text

Abstracts p.158

Abstract preprints issued by the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine in 2005 p.164

Misprint obtained in issue No. 3, part 2 (2005)p.170