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In simulators of a pulmonary liquid of various structures the kinetics of dissolution of the radioactive aerosol particles selected in a local zone of object "Ukryttya" is investigated. It is shown, that on the same filters along with rather small highly active fuel particles there is a big number low activity the dust particles enriched 137Cs. The isotope structure, in particular a parity 137Cs/239+240Pu, and also a share of the fraction which have passed in a solution radionuc-lides for both types of particles essentially differ. For enriched 137Cs particles faster and fuller dissolution is observed, the greatest superficial density of such particles is observed on the filters exhibited on an exit from подкровельного of space of a machine hall. Characteristic difference of the given filters are high levels of the content of zinc and the titan which aerosols are connected, apparently, with processes destruction of paint and varnish coverings of walls of a ma-chine hall. The assumption about separation on solubility of a material of the hot particles besieged on a painted surface under the influence of moisture of an atmospheric condensate is come out. The dissolution kinetics of radinuclides is well described two exponential by model. It is not revealed authentic differences of parameters of dissolution in simulators of a pulmonary liquid of different structure.
Keywords: radioactive aerosol, simulate lung fluid, disolution kinetics, radionuclides, object "Ukryttya".

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